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🎄Our Christmas Party is back! December 11th, 2021. Have you purchased your ticket(s)?🎄
Fran is back! Spot Fran, the elf, snap a pic and share to Facebook and/or Instagram but don’t forget to tag us @crossfitbelleville so we can enter your name into the prize draw every week! Every Sunday, we will draw a name and let you choose a $25 gift card to your favourite local small business! *No repeat winners*

CrossFit Belleville – WOD

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**On a 5:00 Clock**

* With a partner.

6 PVC Step Overs / Partner (Partner A holds PVC at mid-thigh height)

6 PVC Step Unders / Partner Partner A holds PVC at waist height)

10 Synchro PVC Pass Throughs

10 Synchro Mountain Climbers

4 Synchro Inchworm+Push-ups

Weightlifting Prep

**Power Snatch Progression **

5 Reps W. PVC

1) Snatch Deadlift + Shrug // Setup

2) Muscle Snatch // Stand-Pull-Punch

3) Snatch Drops // Jump feet from hip to shoulder width

4) Hang Power Snatch // Extend the hips before arm pull

5) Power Snatch // Extend the hips before arm pull

Empty Barbell

2 sets x 5 Reps

Snatch Deadlift


Snatch Grip Deadlift (Every 90 sec x 12 x 3 Reps)

*Build to a heavy 3-rep


Double Isabel (Time)

– RX –

For Time:

60 Snatches (135/95#)


For Time:

60 Snatches (115/75#)


For Time:

60 Snatches (75/55#)

*12 minutes

Cool Down


1:00 Foam Roll Quads

1:00 Foam Roll Lower Back

1:00 Foam Roll Calves