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Our 6 Week Olympic Weightlifting Program is back! This program sells out every time so make sure you stay tuned for upcoming dates to claim your spot!

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Interest in Olympic Lifting

This program is geared towards athletes, any age, of all experience level. It is designed to perfect technique and make you more explosive, stronger, flexible, awesome, confident and faster.

What is Olympic Weightlifting, you ask? It is two movements: the snatch and the clean & jerk. Basically, you are trying to lift the heaviest amount of weight as possible over your head, but also trying to get it over your head as quickly as you can – they are fun and they are addicting.

Limited spots $99 for members and $129 for non members! 6 Weeks, Sundays at 10:00AM for 90 minutes.

About Olympic Lifting Coach, Kiki Hatzidimitriou

Coach K has been a fitness instructor and personal trainer since 2001. She has been a Level 2 CrossFit Coach since 2013. In 2014, she became a Level 1 Coach in Weightlifting. In 2015, she achieved her CrossFit Weightlifting Trainer Certification plus her CrossFit Gymnastics Trainer Certification.

The last 6 weeks of the CFB Olympic Weightlifting classes were amazing! Coach broke down the lifts concentrating on form, technique and speed. It was always a positive and encouraging environment no matter what our ability was. A typical class was 90 minutes and we generally focused on no more than 3 movements per class so there was no feeling of being rushed and plenty of time to get in a lot of reps. My confidence and knowledge has grown tremendously. No matter when the next session is, sign me up.....I'm in! Thank you CFB.

- Jeff G.