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CrossFit Belleville – WOD

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**2 set**

:40 single-unders

10 medicine-ball deadlifts

10 medicine-ball squats

**2 sets**

:40 double-unders

10 medicine-ball squat cleans


**Clean and Jerk Progression

x 3 Reps

1) Setup for the clean. Look for the hips to be lower than the shoulders but higher than the knees.

2) Front Squat // Loose fingertip grip while keeping elbows off of the knees.

3) Squat Clean // Smooth and slow pull off of the ground until the bar gets to mid-thigh. Focus on fully extending hips prior to pulling under the bar.

4) Front-rack set-up review // Hold the front-rack position. Elbows should be in front of the bar, with a full grip on the bar.

5) Dip review // Dip and pause in that position. Keep chest up and push knees out while lowering into the dip.

6) Dip and drive // Dip and extend aggressively onto toes. If done correctly, you should see the bar float off chest from the leg drive.

5) Push jerk // Hip extension before hands punch. Pause in the receiving position of the push jerk before standing.

6) Split jerk // Knee stacked over front heel, back knee slightly bent. Pause in the receiving position before completing each rep.


10 minutes to warm-up to 75% of 1RM

Clean and Jerk (7 x 1)

*Every 2:30 minutes

*Start around 75% of your 1-rep max and build to a heavy single for the day.



Max set chest-to-bar pull-ups

– Perform 1 set every minute with the goal of accumulating as many reps as possible across 5 sets.

Cool Down

**3 sets:**

10 ATY raises

:30 doorway pec-stretch/side