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CrossFit Belleville – WOD

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**On a 6:00 Clock**

10 Single Unders

10 Single Unders (run in place)

20 Good Mornings (bar or PVC)

10 Single Unders (side-to-side jump)

10 Single Unders (front-to-back jump)

10 Single Unders / Leg

10 Squat Therapy Squats

Weightlifting Prep

**Back Squat Loading | 12:00**

**Points of Performance Focus**

1) Initiate each squat by pushing the hips back and down

2) Maintain full range of motion, clearly below parallel

3) Keep weight back to keep heels down

*Build to 70-75% of 1RM


Back Squat (5 x 5 @70-75%)

*Lift every 2:30 minutes


500m Bike

400m Bike

300m Bike

200m Bike

300m Bike

400m Bike

500m Bike

– Rest 1:00 between all intervals.

*12 minutes


3:00 L-Sit

– Every time you break perform 12 barbell bent over rows

*8 min

Cool Down