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CrossFit Belleville – WOD

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**2 sets:**

20 banded side steps (moving right)

20 banded side steps (moving left)

10 single-leg glute bridges/leg

**1 Set**

:45 pigeon pose/leg

:45 Samson stretch/leg

1:00 frog stretch

1:00 bottom of squat hold

Specific Warm up

x 3 reps

1) Back-rack position // Hands should be shoulder width. The bar should sit on the top of the traps, not the neck. Pull elbows slightly back once the bar is set — this should engage upper back and traps.

2) Paused quarter back squat // Squat about a quarter of the way down and pause. Once you reach that position, stand. Push butt back to initiate the squat as well as keep pulling elbows back.

3) Paused back squat // Descend into the bottom position of the back squat and pause before you stand. Push the floor away and push upper back into the bar as you begin to stand.

4) Back squats // Repeat Step 3 but don’t pause in the bottom.

*8 min to build to desired weight


Back Squat (7 x 1)

*The weight chosen should be between 85-90% of 1RM

*All sets at the same weight

*Every 2 minutes



1-4 Strict Handstand Pushups

Cool Down

**2 sets:**

:30 pigeon stretch/leg

:30 couch stretch/leg