CrossFit Belleville – WOD

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**2 Sets**

10 PVC Pass Throughs

:20 Bottom of Squat Hold

10 PVC Strict Press

10 Air Squats

**3 Sets**

*Add weight as long as technique is maintained.

10 Snatch-Grip Push Press

10 Seated Sots Press


Weightlifting Prep

**Snatch Progression | 12:00**

1) Deadlift // Set-up: heels down, shoulders in front of the bar, visible lumbar arch.

2) Deadlift to Mid-thigh // Mid-thigh position: heels down, shoulders in front of bar.

3) Deadlift and Shrug // Keep the bar close and keep arms straight.

4) Muscle Snatch // Keep the bar close and punch hard overhead.

5) Overhead Squat // Arms locked out and full range of motion squat.

6) Hang Squat Snatch // Full extension before the squat.

7) Squat Snatch // Full extension before using the arms.

Build weight to first working set


Snatch (Every 2:30 x 7)

**Heavy. Aim to start at least 80% of your 1RM**

* Friday lifting day!!! Let’s go!!!

* This should be a weight you have to focus and think about prior to executing the lift.

* Increase weight slightly across as many sets as possible. The heaviest load should be attempted on set 6 or 7. This allows for a potential PR on the final set or an adjustment from the previous lift.


5 Sets:

:30 Ring Support Hold

:30 Top-of-Pull-up Hold

:30 Wall Sit

Cool Down

**5 Sets**

:20 Banded Hamstring Stretch / Side

:30 T-Spine Foam Roll