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CrossFit Belleville – WOD

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**2 sets**

:30 run, bike, row, or ski

10 leg swings/side

10 PVC pass-throughs (press up hard on the PVC)

10 PVC snatch-grip push presses (heels down during the dip drive)

**2 sets**

:30 run, bike, row, or ski

10 PVC muscle snatches (arch chest up hard in the setup)

10 PVC snatch lands (start with bar overhead, drop down to partial overhead squat)

Specific Warm up

Empty Bar x 3

1) Snatch deadlift-to-knee // Knees pull back as the chest and bar rise to the knee

2) Snatch deadlift to mid-thigh // Knees continue to push back, but only another inch or so as the bar rises to the mid-thigh

3) Snatch deadlift to pockets // Shave the thigh with the bar and rotate the torso so that athletes finish with the bar at the hips and the torso upright in a dip position

4) DL to pockets + power snatch // Stop at the hips with the torso vertical, then ‘GO!” to snatch directly from that position (high hang)

5) Power snatch // Hips and shoulder rise together, then jump the bar high once it’s above the knees

**5 min to Build to ~60% of 1-rep power snatch


Power Snatch (7 x 3)

✔ Increase loads across all sets and build to a 3-rep max.

✔ Lift every 2:30

✔ Perform all snatches unbroken as touch-and-go reps, not singles.

✔ Start first working set at ~60% of the 1-rep max power snatch.


8 minutes


75 GHD Sit-ups

-Wall ball Situps w. straight legs



Cool Down

**2 sets:**

:30 cobra stretch

:30 pigeon stretch/leg