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CrossFit Belleville – WOD

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**2 sets:**

*     :20 at each movement.

PVC pass-throughs

False-grip ring row/bent-over rows

Air squats

Snatch-grip push presses (behind the neck)

Alternating overhead lunges (PVC)

**2 sets:**

*     :20 at each movement.

*   Barbell or PVC

Low ring muscle-up transitions

Muscle snatches

Overhead squats (reduce squat depth to keep proper overhead position)

Specific Warm up

**Muscle-up Review and Scaling | 7:00**

**Progression // Focus**

1) Low-ring muscle-up transition drill // Use legs to push the body through the transition. Keep rings tight to the body. Lift hips as athlete pulls to the rings.

2) High ring kip-swing // Practice the kip swing or hang from the rings with the false grip.

3) Muscle-ups // Drive the knees and hips up hard, drive head aggressively through the rings.

**Snatch Review and Scaling | 7:00**

**Progression // Focus**

x 3 Barbell

1) Power snatch + Overhead Squat // While descending, keep the arms locked out and the bar over the middle of the foot.

2) Squat snatch // Reach full extension at the top of the pull.

3) Squat snatch // Land in the overhead squat with arms locked out and bar over the middle of the foot.


Snatch (EMOM 12 x1)

*Build up to heavy single squat or power snatch.


Amanda (Time)

1 Round for time of 9-7-5 reps of:

Ring Muscle-ups

Snatch, 135#/95#

For time:


Low-ring muscle-ups


Squat snatches (65/95 lb)


For time:


Low-ring muscle-ups


Hang squat snatches (35/45 lb)

*sub MUs:15-12-9 pull-ups + push-ups

*12 minutes

Cool Down


1:00 couch stretch/leg

1:00 foam roll upper back