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💪 Virtual Community Baseline WOD this Saturday at 10am via Zoom! See you there 💪
Our Zoom Classes begin Jan 6th! Check your email or Facebook for the link. Can’t wait to see you all!

CrossFit Belleville – WOD

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**1 set**

:30 jumping jacks

10 air squats

10 inch worms + push-up

**1 set**

:30 skier jacks

10 back squats (empty bar)

10 strict presses

**1 set**

:30 jumping jacks

10 front squats (empty bar)

5 pike push-ups (head to ab-mat)

5 pike push-ups (walk feet closer to hands)

**On a 3:00 clock**

* Practice kicking up to the wall. Perform negatives, holds, and handstand push-ups.

* If you are unable to kick up, continue to practice the pike push-up or DB strict press.

Weightlifting Prep

**1 set**

10 deadlifts (45/35 lb)

10 hang power cleans (focus on jumping and getting the elbows through fast)

5 power cleans (focus on full hip extension, then getting under the bar)

5 front squats (elbows stay high and hips press back and down)


HPC + FS (Every 90 sec x 8)

Hang Power Clean + Front Squat
*Buuild to a heavy complex


Metcon (Time)

– RX –

For time:


Back squats (165/110 lb)

Handstand push-ups


For time:


Back squats (135/95 lb)


Handstand push-ups


For time:


Back squats (95/65 lb)

DB strict press

*15 minutes

*Back Squats from the floor

Cash Out

**2 sets**

:30 banded shoulder distraction / side

:30 banded hip distraction / side