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CrossFit Belleville – WOD

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**3 sets:**

:20 on/:10 rest:

Shoulder tap + shoulder tap + push-up

Double knee tuck-in-plank

Front squat (PVC or empty BB)

Specific Warm up

x 3 reps

1) Hang clean pull // Shoulders forward, heels down, hips back, and chest up with the bar at the mid-thigh

2) Hang muscle clean // Drive the heels down as the shoulders shrug up

3) Tall clean // Punch the ears with the shoulders then drop under the bar

4) Hang squat clean // Fully extend the hips by pushing through a flat foot as long as possible.

5) Hang squat clean // Jump and land in the bottom of the squat.

Weightlifting Prep

**1 set:**

5 hang squat cleans

5 hang squat cleans

3 hang squat cleans

3 hang squat cleans

– Build in load across all sets

-Lift every 90sec.


Hang Clean (7 x 3 every 2:30minutes)

✔ Build to a new 3-rep max.

✔ All sets heavier than 70% or more.


100 cal Row


Cool Down


2:00 frog stretch