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CrossFit Belleville – WOD

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**4 sets**

:20 jumping jacks

– Rest :10

:20 burpees

– Rest :10


**EMOM 5**

3 wall walks

Metcon Prep

**Handstand Hold Practice

30 sec each

1) Plank hold // Tight core and actively pressing into the floor.

2) Pike hold // Bring feet as close to the hands as possible, while still pressing into the floor.

3) Pike hold with feet on a box // Elevate the feet on a box. Hips over the shoulders and ears should be in line with the biceps.

4) Handstand hold (stomach to the wall) // Progress as close to the wall as possible with arms locked out and core tight.

5) Handstand hold (back to the wall) // Kick up to the wall with arms locked out, core tight, and ears in line with the biceps.

**Toes-to-Bars Progression

30 sec each

1) Kip swing // Fast transition between hollow and arch body positions

2) 2 kip swings + 2 knees above hips // Knee up in the hollow position, aggressive press down in the back swing, lean back, and drive knees up

3) 2 kip swings + 1 toe-to-bar // Knees up and extend legs toward the bar

4) Multiple toes-to-bars // Continue to press down in the back swing of each rep

*Hollow hold/Hollow Rocks/Alternating V-ups/V-ups


Metcon (Time)

– RX –

5 rounds for time:

1:00 handstand hold

21 toes-to-bars/Knee Raises/Vups/Situps

*15 minutes

Cool Down


30 ATY drills

– Use 2.5 or 5-lb plates