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CrossFit Belleville – WOD

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**1 set**

:15 high knees

:15 butt kickers

:15 jumping jacks

:15 mountain climbers

:20 up-downs

:20 lunges

:20 double knee tucks in plank

:30 air squat

:30 burpee

Specific Warm up

**Thruster Review

Empty barbell x 3 rerps

1) Front squat // Full grip on the bar

2) Push press // Fast dip-drive into an even faster press

3) Thruster // Slow on the way down, fast on the way up

4) Top-to-top thruster // Start at the top, lower with the arms until the shoulder, then perform another thruster

**1 set:**

10 thrusters (light weight)

7 thrusters (building up)

5 thrusters (building up)

– every 75sec


Thruster (Every 2:30 min x 7 RNDS x 3 REPS)

*Build to a 3 rep max

*If you know your 1-rep thruster start at around 60-70% and build from there. If you don’t know your 1-rep s just start at a weight slightly heavier than what you usually use for a workout.


Metcon (Time)

– RX –

For time:

30 rope climbs


On a 20:00 clock:

Max rope climbs


For time:

60 pull-to-stands

*20min cap

Cool Down

** 2 sets:**

:60 frog stretch

:30 seated torso twist/ side