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CrossFit Belleville – WOD

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**1 set**

:30 jumping jacks

5 inchworm + push-ups

:30 seal jacks

10 Samson lunges / leg

**1 set**

10 tuck jumps

5 inchworm + push-ups

10 tuck jumps

10 Cossack squats

Open Prep

* We want to move at a pace we may not normally use for fear of burning out.

* Challenge yourself and work up a good sweat before lifting.

**Burpee variation // Focus**

1) Step down, step up // Smooth, slow, breathe x 3

2) Jump down, step up // Step up onto the heel, step to the bar and jump x 3

3) Jump down, jump up // Jump up to a flat foot, jump and pivot over the bar x 3

**8 sets**

:20 bar-facing burpees

– rest :10

Weightlifting Prep

**Power Clean Review

3 Reps w. Empty BB

1) Clean deadlift // Heels down, eyes straight ahead, lumbar curve intact

2) Muscle clean // Smooth below the knee, fast above

3) Tall power clean // Shrug with a straight arm, then drop and catch

4) Hang power clean // Hip extension

5) Power clean // Chest pulls up as the bar goes down

**3 sets**

5 touch-and-go power cleans (building)


Power Clean (Every 2 minutes)

9 sets for load:


Cool Down

**2 sets**

:30 banded shoulder stretch / side

:30 wrist extension stretch / side