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🥂 Our Mother’s Day WOD + Mimosas is back May 8th! If you are a mom, have a mom, know a mom, then come celebrate with us! 🥂

CrossFit Belleville – WOD

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** 3 sets**

:30 Jumping Jacks/High knees/Burpees

:10 rest

:30 Forward lunge/Reverse lunge/Air squats

:10 rest

:30 muscle clean and press – (empty barbell)

:10 rest


*6 minutes to warm up to Push Press Weight

*6 minutes to warm up to Front Squat Weight (after the Push Press)

Push Press (5 x 5)

**Every 2:30 minutes**

* Build to a heavy set of 5 push presses in the warm-up and stay there for all 5 sets. Make sure to take 3-5 of warm-up sets to find a challenging weight for all 5 working sets. Your working weight shouldn’t lead to failure.

* Aim to use around 75% or more of your 1-rep max for today’s workout. This weight shouldn’t be a 5-rep max. The feel for the weight should be heavy but something that is manageable to complete for all 5 sets.

Front Squat (7 x 3)

**every 2 minutes**

– Start with around 60% of your best front squat.

– Increase load as desired.


5 sets for reps:

:50 bar-facing burpees

:10 rest

Cool Down

**3 sets:**

:30 reach, roll, and lift

20 banded pull-aparts