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CrossFit Belleville – WOD

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**EMOM 4**

Min. 1 | :15 of each movement below

Min. 2 | 1:00 PVC pass-throughs

– Jumping jacks, mountain climbers, shoulder taps, jumping lunges

Specific Warm up

**Progression // Focus**

No bar

1) Lunge-to-split // Start in a steady lunge position with the feet slightly wider than usual. Stand to the quarter-lunge/split position to find individual receiving positions.

2) Jump-to-split // Dip, jump, and land in the split position. Hold the hands at the shoulders.

3) Split jerk // Full extension of the hips (jump high) and land with a heavy heel on the front leg and heavy toe on the back leg.

*5 minutes to get to starting weight


*8 minutes between Split Jerk and Bck Squat to build up to Back Squat desired weight

Split Jerk (5-5-3-3-3-1-1-1-1 / Every 2 minutes)

✔ Start at a moderate load — 50-60% — and build to a heavy single across 9 sets.

Back Squat (7 sets x 3 Reps – Every 2 minutes)

– Use at least 60% of your best back squat.

– Increase the load as desired.

Cool Down


1:00 dragon stretch/side

1:00 banded shoulder stretch/side