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CrossFit Belleville – WOD

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Warm up/Mobility

30 Jumping Jacks

10 PVC Pass-Throughs

30 Skier Jacks

10 Air Squats

30 Mountain Climbers

10 PVC Front Squats

**Set 1:**

10 Back Squats (Barbell)

5 Good Mornings (Barbell)

10 Plank to Downdog

**Set 2:**

5 Front Squats (Barbell)

10 Alternating Spiderman Stretch

5 Front Squats (Barbell)

**Set 3:**

7 Front Squats (1st warm-up set)

* Light weight

5 Front Squats (2nd warm-up set)

* Little heavier

5 Front Squats (3rd warm-up set)

* Close to starting weight

**15 minutes**


Front Squat (5 Sets For Load: 10 Front Squats)

*Lift every 4 minutes

*We are looking to start our first set around 60%+ of our best front squat.

*Aim to increase the weight across most or some of the five sets. Not every set needs to jump in weight, however, plan to lift your heaviest on set four. This way if you bail or fail a lift, you have another opportunity to make a change and finish on a successful set.


Lakeside (Time)

12 Rounds For Time:

250m Row

– Rest :30


Cool Down

1 min Standing Hamstring Stretch / Side

1 min Quad Stretch / Leg