Have you started to think about your nutrition for Open workout days?
While nutrition timing is important when it comes to everyday workouts, the ultra-high-intensity open workouts call for even greater thoughtfulness to support performance and recovery.⁠

TIP #1:
Prioritize Hydration 💦⁠
You can’t make up for dehydration the day of, so start thinking about your water intake NOW. Make sure that you are well hydrated leading up to and the day prior to an open workout. Your goal should be calculated by taking your body weight (in lbs) ÷ 2 = water goal (in oz) Example: If you weigh 165lbs, your water goal should be about 80oz 🚰⁠

- Carry a water bottle around with you⁠
- Get a big cup so you only have to fill it up 2-3 times per day to easily keep track of how much you are drinking⁠
- Drink out of a straw⁠
- Flavour your water with fresh fruit, cucumber, mint or lemon⁠
- Drink a cup of water first thing in the morning when you wake up ⁠
- Drink water with every meal and snack⁠
- Have water close by such as your desk at work⁠

TIP #2:
The Night Before a #CrossFitOpen Workout 😴 ⁠

In the 24 hours prior to an open workout it’s important to properly fuel and replenish glycogen stores. If you track macros that means hitting all of your targets. Otherwise, eat regular balanced meals featuring protein, vegetables and whole food carbs throughout the day. If you’re feeling at all like your energy or recovery is less than ideal the day prior to an open workout, don’t hesitate to add up to 50g of carbs to your day. If you don’t track macros, 50g of carbs is about two cupped handfuls of carbohydrate-dense whole foods. Choose starchy carbohydrates such as sweet potatoes, rice, oats, quinoa, etc 🍠🍌🥣🌾⁠

Keep this in mind as you approach the final workouts if your recovery is suffering or you are repeating workouts when you may really benefit from those extra carbs.⁠ Get a good night’s rest. Skip the caffeine from late afternoon to bedtime, shut off the devices, and get to bed on time. 💤⁠

TIP #3:
The Day of a #CrossFitOpen Workout 🏋️‍♂️ ⁠

It’s game day and the last thing you want is a heavy meal sitting in your gut during the workout 🤢 Skip solid foods for at least 2 hours prior to the workout as well as fats in particular which slow digestion.⁠

About 60 minutes before the workout have about a handful of easily digestible carbohydrate to get a bit of extra glucose on board to fuel the workout. This could be a banana, applesauce or baby food pouch, or dates. ⁠
Otherwise, stick to your normal pre-workout supplement regimen. This may include caffeine, pre-workout, creatine, etc. Now is not the time to introduce new supplements into the mix—stick with what you (and your body) are familiar with and know works for you.⁠

Now go crush that workout!⁠