CrossFit Belleville – WOD

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1 Minute


Active Samson

Knuckle Drags

:45 Seconds


Active Spidermans

Single Leg Unweighted RDLs

:30 Seconds


Push-up to Down Dog

PVC Hinge Drill*

*This drill will be performed with a PVC pipe. It is designed to give you some awareness of what neutral feels like during the hinge pattern on the deadlift. Start by placing the PVC pipes vertically running along the back of the body with three points of contact. The goal is to keep the PVC in contact with the back of the head, between the shoulder blades, and with the lower back throughout the whole hinge pattern. When the back rounds, the neck arches back, or the core becomes disengaged, one part of the PVC will lose contact with the body. Perform 10 good mornings.


Childs Pose 1 min

Pigeon Pose 30sec each



ODD: 1 Rope Climb

EVEN: 12 DB Trusters (50/35)


Mixed Feelings (5 Rounds for time)

5 Rounds, On the 4:00

12 Pull-ups

16 Deadlifts (135/95)

250 Meter Row

*14/10 Calorie Assault Bike

200 Meter Run

L3: (8 Pull ups)

L2: (6 Pull ups) (10 Deadlifts)

L1: (Assisted pullups) (10 Deadlifts 95,65)

Extra Credit

3 x 30 sec Weighted Plank