CrossFit Belleville – Private Dryland Training


Partner Warm up

-Medball chest passes x 20 total

-Piggy back x 2 lengths (alt)

-Assisted pull ups x 10 ea

-Wheelbarrow x 2 length (alt)

-Side to side medball passes x 20 total

-Shuttle sprint (banded) x 4 lengths of gym


Thruster (6 x 3)

*work with a partner that is going to lift the same as you

*only adding weight as technique allows


With a partner; divide work evenly:

100 cal row

90 squats

80 hollow rocks

70 kb swings (russian)

60 alt. lunges

50 burpees

40 push ups

30 sit ups

20 renegade rows

10 T2B/Knee raises