CrossFit Belleville – Little Spartans


Welcome and Whiteboard- What are we up to this afternoon?

Gymnastics Skill Introduction- The Forward Roll

Points to Remember

– squat down with toes and fingers on the floor, looking straight ahead

– tuck chin to chest (like you’re holding an orange)

– lift your bum

– ideally your head doesn’t touch at all. Maybe the back only


Animal Movement Relay

– Students will line up behind a cone and perform the following exercises in a relay fashion.

* Bear walk

* Frog jumps

* Crab walk

* Bunny hops

Warm up

3 Rounds of 5 jumping jacks, 3 burpees


Forward Roll

– Who remembers some key points from the beginning of class?

Athletes will work through a circuit of…

1) Forward roll to hollow hold

2) Forward roll to stand

3) Forward roll from a box to standing

4) Handstand hold against the wall

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds)

1 forward roll (to landing position of choice)

1 shuttle run

3 shoulder presses (strict)


Athletes, Judges, Coaches