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CrossFit Belleville – Little Spartans

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Fitness Tag

– Played like regular tag.. when you get touched come to the coach and perform a fitness activity before re-entering the game.

In your own space 45 sec of each move…

– lunge steps and stretch

– lizard stretch and reach 20 sec each side repeat

– plank to toe touch



– Feet under shoulders

– Hips back

– How low?

– Knees out

– Heels down

Shoulder Press

– Feet under hips

– Elbows down

– Core tight

– Elbows locked out at top

Metcon (No Measure)

Tabata (12min)

45 sec work, 15 sec rest

– Squat

– Shoulder Press

– Thruster

– Box jumps

– Row


Cool Down

5 rounds – Sun Salutations