CrossFit Belleville – Little Spartans


400 M Run

40 Mountain Climbers

30 Jumping Jacks

20 Air Squat

10 Burpee


Beach-Towel Relay


1) 2 Beach towels or large bath mats

2) 4 cones


1) Divide the class into two teams.

2) Use the four cones to denote both start and turn-around points for each team. Leave enough space at the second cones for the full length of the towel to swing around the cone without the risk of colliding with the other team.


1) One team member sits on the beach towel and gets pulled around the second cone and back by two other team members.

2. Kids take turns until each team member has ridden the towel. The team member being pulled on the towel must remain seated until he or she is returned to the starting point. All team members must have a turn both riding on and pulling the towel.


Towels should be big enough for one member to ride on and must extend long enough so that the pulling members each have a corner of the towel to hold onto.

New Section

Tire Flipping Fun


Metcon (Time)

21, 15, 9

Box Jumps

DB Thrusters