CrossFit Belleville – Little Spartans


400M Run :0

SMILE, Move & Breath


Ball Hunt

Hunt for a ball, find burps – and fitness

Break into teams (depending on size of group)

One player from each team sprints to the field and chooses a cone to look under. Players take only one ball of the appropriate colour and sprint back to the base to place the ball in the team’s hoop and then tag the next player. The next player in line holds a plank until team mate returns.

Players who do not find a ball of the correct colour under a cone must immediately perform 3 reps of a movement (e.g, burpees, jump squats, push-up’s). The coach may call out different movements throughout the game.

After completing the movement, players are allowed to search under another cone, but they will perform the movement again if they do not find a ball, then return to base and tag the next player.

NO TEAM-TO-TEAM COMMUNICATION is allowed from base to field. The players can strategize AT the base, but any yelling out to the field other than encouragement is prohibited.

The cone must be left standing after player looks under it.

Players receive penalties for:

1. Looking down through tops of cones;

2. Ugly form; and

3. Leaving the base before the ball is secure within the hoop or before being tagged.

The first team to find all the balls and return them to the hoop WINS!!!


Partner WOD for Time

Prowler Push

200 M Med Ball Carry (split however needed)

100 Walking Lunge

100 Air Squat

Prowler Push