CrossFit Belleville understands that not all work schedules allow for regular gym visits. With strange times, we also understand that not everyone feels comfortable in a group environment or simply cannot. Class schedules may not line up with your work hours, such as for medical professionals working 12-hour shifts or individuals who work nights. This does not mean CrossFit is out of your reach. If you cannot come to us, then we can come to you—remotely.


After an initial consultation, your coach will have you perform a number of different tests to assess your strength, mobility, and more to develop a balanced fitness routine. Once your coach has a better idea of your overall fitness, he or she will develop a program for you. You will record your workouts so coaches can monitor your progress and make any necessary modifications. They will also schedule remote meetings to discuss your workouts as well as how to achieve your fitness goals.


Your coach will provide you with basic guidelines for nutrition to achieve the best results. No matter how on-point your workout routine is, a poor diet will counteract it every time. Nutrition is not just a matter of eating healthy foods. How much you are eating is just as important as what you are eating. For example, not eating enough protein can hinder muscle gains while excess fat consumption can delay weight loss. Whatever your fitness goal happens to be, our remote coaches can help get you there. We also have a Nutrition Coach on our team so if a more personal approach is desired, we have plans for just that!


Remote coaches want to help you achieve your fitness goals by cultivating a coach-to-athlete relationship. They want to know more than how you felt about your workout. They want to know about your eating habits, your sleep schedule, and any stressors in your life. Once your coach has all of this information, they can develop a program that best suits your needs. Contact us today to start your remote coaching fitness journey.