CrossFit Belleville – WOD

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Warm up/Mobility

Grab a foam roller and move 1-2 inches on each 1-2 trigger points per spot:

– Lats

– IT Bands

– Quads

– Thoracic Spine

– Adductors

Dynamic Warm up (No Measure)

High Knees

Butt kicks

Over the fence


Backwards jog


Double tap

Long Jump

belly up sprint

Belly down sprint


Wide Stance High Box Squat (18-20″) (EMOM 4 x 5 @60%)

*Use a 20″ Box


Metcon (Time)

EMOM 16 w. a partner:

Row 100 Meters

8 Air Squats

*Remainder of the minute hold an elbow plank.

*One athlete completes the full set while their partner rests ie. Once the minute is up the other athlete goes. Each athlete will complete a total of 8 sets.

*score today is your longest plank hold