Having a newborn baby or already have a toddler shouldn’t stop you from neglecting yourself to a pont where you stop taking care of your body and fitness.

Mom’s are the lifeblood of every family and they deserve to have the ability to take time out of their busy day to nurture themselves and feel good about themselves by working out with other Moms who know the challenges that they face everyday. Join other moms as you learn and grow together, while your children are safe and taken care of.

If you’ve been wondering what a Mommy & Me class looks like, it involves:

✔️ a quick dynamic warm up, combining movement with some active stretching

✔️ a strength component, where we work on strength and control in a certain movement (squats, deadlifts, presses) usually combined with some accessory work

✔️ a conditioning workout; usually 12-20 minutes in length and always DiFFeREnT !

We use a combination of dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells and bodyweight movements – all of which can be scaled or accommodated to YOU! Ophelie’s goal as a coach is to provide a fun and safe space for you to find and foster your strength and confidence as a mom…and snuggle your baby for you 😉

Classes are every Tuesday and Thursday at 10am and coached by fellow Mom and certified L1 coach, Ophelie Davis. Monthly memberships starting from $89+HST and 10 class punch cards available!

Contact us for more info and to get started!