CrossFit Belleville – WOD

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30 Seconds

Banded Pass Throughs

Lateral Hops Over Band

Front Plank

Banded Pull-Aparts

Forward & Back Hops Over Band

Right Side Plank

Banded Biceps Curls

Single Leg Hops Over Band (15sec Each Side)

Left Side Plank

Barbell Warm-up (No Measure)

5 Good Mornings

5 Back Squats

5 Elbow Rotations

5 Shoulder Presses

5 Romanian Deadlifts

5 Front Squats


Banded lat stretch 1 min each side


Shoulder Press (5 RM)


* The bar starts out of the rack for our heavy 5 strict press

* Try to keep these as strict as possible, maintaining a straight body position throughout without the assistance of the hips or back


Heavy Metal (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)


10 Strict Presses (95/65)

25 Double Unders

10 Strict Pull-ups

25 Double Unders

L3: 75/55, 5 Strict

L2: 55/45, 10 Banded Pullups

L1: 45/35, 5 Banded, 75 Singles

Extra Credit

5 x 5 Strict Ring Dips