CrossFit Belleville – Little Spartans

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Welcome circle- show me the start position for a squat. How low can we go?

Skill Intro- Walking Lunges


4 Corners

Coach calls a corner, athletes run to the corresponding corner and does 5 of the exercises.

1) Burpees

2) Squats

3) Tuck Jumps

4) Sit-ups

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds)

AMRAP- Floppies
10 Burpees

6 Wallkling lunges

Shuttle run

Accessory Work

Skipping and Hoop Fun!


Dodgeball will a Twist

– all athletes must be in crab walk position while playing.

– bum can not touch the floor while throwing.

– all regular dodgeball rules apply, if you get hit you must do a corresponding exercise before joining the game again.