CrossFit Belleville – WOD

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Warm up/Mobility

3 Rounds of 20s Work/10s Rest of:

1a) Single unders

1b) Mountain Climbers

1c) Double Under or Double Under Attempts

1d) Figure 8s with a kettlebell

*Move through all 4 movements for a total 3 rounds each


1a) JM Barbell Presses: 4 x 10.

1b) 1-Arm KB Row w. a pause (2 count): 4 x 10 ea.

*Rest 45 sec between sets

*Use one weight for all sets.



Metcon (Time)

(Minus 2 minutes of total rest):

100 Double Unders

50 Push-ups

50 Abmat Sit-ups

Rest 60s

75 Double Unders

50 Walking Goblet Lunges (53, 35)

50 SDHP (53, 35)

Rest 60s

50 Double Unders

50 Pull-ups

50 Hollow Rocks

Rx+:(150-100-50 Double Unders) (GHD Sit-ups for Abmat Sit-ups) (C2B Pull-ups)

L3: (30 Pull-ups)

L2: (90s of Double Under Attempts each set) (35, 25) (Band Assisted Pull-ups)

L1: (Single Unders) (BW Lunges) (30, 20) (Ring Rows)

*Score=time (Minus 2 minutes of total rest)

22:00 Cap

Extra Credit

Shoulder Circuit #2 (DB) : 3 x 10each. Rest 60s.

– Lateral Raise + Front Raise + Cuban Press