The training is programmed to elevate hockey players to an elite level of fitness. It is designed for serious and soon to be serious hockey players looking to bring their game to the next level. Our certified coaches will assist your players to improve skating stride and mobility, shot power, checking and physical play, conditioning, team building, mental toughness, confidence, endurance and injury prevention.

We have worked with numerous hockey teams at all different levels including the Quinte AAA Minor Bantam Team who worked with us last winter season, this past summer and will continue this winter. We have seen huge improvements in all areas.

The first step is to have your team in for a free trial. After, we will provide baseline testing for individual players at our facility and continue with an 8 week program and repeat the testing at the end of that period to see where and how they have improved.

We can tailor any program based on a team’s needs and goals. Please contact us at info@crossfitbelleville.ca