CrossFit Belleville – Mom Strong

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Accessory Work

Breathing Homework:

10 extended pistons

10 double pistons

10 (per side) side press


‘Love the way you lie’ song

Glute Bridge when Rihanna sings

Plank pushups on box or floor (depending on core weakness) when Eminem sings


4 Rounds

4 lap farmer carry

10 banded chest fly (practice Piston with this movement – inhale at neutral, exhale/lift pelvic floor on arm extension, inhale back)

– Rest 60-90 seconds between rounds

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)


6 reverse lunge

8 pushups on box (maintain engaged core!)

10 Squats

12 bench dips

Cool Down

Shoulder mobility stretches with band