CrossFit Belleville – WOD

Warm up/Mobility

*Partner up and complete:

30 Partner Wallballs

30 Partner Medball Chest-passes

30 Ball Russian Twists

30 Partner Wallballs


Foam Roll x 30s each:

– Quads

– IT Bands

– Thoracic Spine

– Lats

– Hamstrings

Metcon Prep

Prep (10min)

Review all Tests. All tests can be done in random order. Athletes will partner up for tests

1,2,4,5,6 to count each other reps/distance. Athletes will complete row test on their own so

the clock will be running.



Max Broad Jump (Distance)

*Broad jump is a test of power-output. (3 turns)

Max UB Wallballs

*Test of mental capacity/endurance.

Max Cal in rower in 4min

*Test of how much can you push till you throw up.

Max Push ups in 60s

*Upper Body Endurance Test

Max sit ups in 60s

*Hip Flexor/Abdominal Endurance Test

Max Burpees in 60s

*Badassery Test