CrossFit Belleville – Private Dryland Training


Ab Mat Pizza Game – Choose a song and game is over when the song ends

*2 burpee penalty

Metcon Prep

*Review all of the movements and set up equipment

*Complete 5-10 reps of each movement to review technique


“Somewhat Sporty Forty”

40 Box jumps

40 Barbell Curls (just the barbell)

40 Russian KB swings (fairly light)

40 Walking Lunge

40 Toes to Bar/Knee raises

40 Push ups

40 Superman

40 Air squats

40 Burpees

40 Jumping Jacks

*Start at different movements if necessary to make sure there is enough space and equipment*


Foam Roll – Lats, Quads, Hamstrings

Lax Ball – Shoulders

World’s Greatest Stretch – Lizard, Pigeon, Hamstring, Samson