CrossFit Belleville – Private Dryland Training

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Pizza Game – 3 burpee penalty


Worlds Greatest Stretch

-Lizard, Pigeon, Hamstring, Samson

Squat Therapy

*everyone practice good squats and technique, squatting to a wallball

*getting below parallel, chest up, weight in the heels, driving the knees out

Shoulder Activation:

*PVC Pass throughs x 20

*Around the World x 10/direction

*Yoga Push ups x 10

Review Movement Standards for the workout (Pull ups, Push ups, Squats)

*take this time to set up any scaling options for pull ups


Partner “Murph”:

1 mile run (800m each)

10 rounds of:

10 pull ups (*chin over the bar)

20 push ups (*chest touching the ground each time)

30 air squats (*below parallel)

1 mile run (800m each)

*split reps however you want but reps should be evenly distributed

*use poker chips to keep track of rounds

*the run only happens before and after the 10 rounds