CrossFit Belleville – Private Dryland Training

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*easy assault bike – conga style – switch every 20 seconds

Assault Bike Relay – 3 rounds

-7 cals assault bike

-14 walking lunges

-21 skips

-14 walking lunges


Hang Power Clean (6 sets of 3 reps @ same weight)

*work up to a challenging weight and then start sets

*if working on technique then start with empty barbell and add weight each set as technique allows


With a partner – 20 min AMRAP

500m row

50 burpees

500m row

50 sit ups

500m row

50 KB swings

500m row

50 T2B/Knee raises

*split work evenly; only 1 partner works at a time

*your pace should be INTENSE when it’s your turn