CrossFit Belleville – Private Dryland Training

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Coach’s Choice

Accessory Work

Shoulder Warm up: x 2

PVC Pass throughs x 20

Around the World x 10 (5 each direction)

10 Negative Push ups (3 count down)

10 Kips

Shoulder Stability: EMOM 10

Turkish Get ups x 2/arm (going as heavy as possible using good technique)

Handstand Hold x 20-30 sec (maintain strong active shoulders and core)

Metcon Prep

*Set up equipment

*Get into 5 groups

*Review movement standards

***RING ROWS/STRICT PULL UPS*** – very important to review the standard and make sure athletes are choosing an option that is challenging

Scaling Levels:

-Upright Ring Rows

-Flat/Table Top Ring Rows

-Ring Rows with feet raised up

-Strict Pull ups (no kip)


4 rounds: 1 min at each station

1. Burpee Box jumps

2. Russian Twists (10 or 15 or 25lb plate)

3. Ring Rows or Strict Pull ups (these should be HARD)

4. Walking Lunges

5. Rest