CrossFit Belleville – Private Dryland Training

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Pizza Game

*3 burpee penalty

Shoulder Warm up:

PVC Pass throughs x 20

Around the World x 20 (10 eacy way)

Pec Stretch x 30sec

Lat Stretch x 30sec


Toes to Bar:

Spend 5 minutes practicing efficiency of the movement. Trying to avoid an extra kip.


5-8 Toes to Bar

*or a scaled version


3 rounds – 1 minute per station

1. Lunges

2. Burpees

3. Box jumps

4. KB Swings

5. Wallballs

Core Blaster (No Measure)

6 rounds:

10 V-ups

15 Sit ups

20 Russian Twists

30 sec Elbow Plank (Right, Middle, Left) *switch each round