CrossFit Belleville – WOD

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Warm up/Mobility

40 Seconds

Easy Row

Active Samson

Reverse Lunges

30 Seconds

Moderate Row

Active Spidermans

Air Squats

20 Seconds

Faster Row

Push-up to Down Dog

Single Dumbbell Strict Press (Hold Each Side of the Rubber)


Dumbbell Ankle Stretch: 45 Seconds Each Side

Dumbbell Goblet Squat Hold: 45 Seconds

Child’s Pose on Ball: 45 Seconds


3 Position Snatch

High Hang- Hang – Floor
On the 2:00 x 6 Sets:

3-Position Power Snatch

-with a 2sec pause on each position + 2 sec on catch

1 Power Snatch

Set 1: 50% of 1RM Snatch

Set 2: 55%

Set 3: 60%

Sets 4-6: Build to a Heavy Complex


Stairmaster (Time)


Row Calories

Alternating Dumbbell Box Step-ups (50/35)

Directly Into…


Alternating Dumbbell Snatches (50/35)

Wallballs (20/14)

*23 min